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HARLEQUIN LADYBIRD (HARMONIA AXYRIDIS) An aphid (a sap sucking insect) excretes sugar water which collects on leaves making nice food for the black fungus that covers the leaves of our

INDIGENOUS TREES OF THE WOODMEAD ESTATE (GREEN TAGS) SA: 16 Podocarpus falcatus – Outeniqua Yellowwood, Common Yellowwood SA: 36 Salix mucronata – Safsaf Willow SA: 39 Celtis Africana – White-stinkwood

EXOTIC TREES OF THE WOODMEAD ESTATE (YELLOW TAGS) X18 Araucaria araucaria – Monkey Puzzle, Chilean Pine X24 Pinus canariensis – Canary Pine X46 Cedrus deodara – Deodar, Indian Cedar, Himalayan

GRASSES OF THE GREATER WOODMEAD ESTATE Agrostis lachnantha – Bent Grass Anthephora pubescens – Wool grass Aristida congesta subsp. barbicollis – Spreading Three-awn Aristida congesta subsp. congesta – Tassel Three-awn

Alien Invasive Species – Amended Regulations

ALIEN INVASIVE SPECIES The amended regulations on alien and invasive species in South Africa….. Do you have any alien invasive species in your garden? The amended regulations on Alien and

AFRICAN HARRIER-HAWKS (Gymnogene) take up residence on the Greater Woodmead Estate… Our Golf Professional and enthusiastic birdwatcher, Owen Grobler recently reported seeing a pair of African Harrier-hawks constructing a nest

Eucalyptus Gum

EUCALYPTUS GUM Called gum trees because they exude copious amounts of gum from any break in the bark…. Gum trees are very much a part of our history in South

Common Spotted Aloe

COMMON SPOTTED ALOE, TRANSVAALAALWYN Aloe greatheadii var. davyana The genus name, ALOE is derived probably from the Greek word alsos which just refers to the bitter juice from the leaves

The Wildpear

The Wild Pear Dombeya Rotundifolia Nothing heralds spring quite like the Dombeya. The “Bushveld pride” is a wonderfully apt name for the wildpear which when in flower is unmistakeable. The

Who gets the Acacia?

WHO GETS THE ACACIA? To different continents the acacia is more than just a tree. To us the acacia is part of our African landscape and the acacia name is

The Paintbrush Lily

THE PAINTBRUSH LILY Scadoxus puniceus The spectacular paintbrush lily is one of South Africa’s most striking bulbous plants. The name Scadoxus is derived from ‘doxus’ meaning glory or splendour in

The importance of grasses

THE IMPORTANCE OF GRASSES “The role grasses play in nature and our lives…” A visit from Frits van Oudtshoorn, author of ‘’GUIDE TO GRASSES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA“to CCJ Woodmead in

Sweet Thorn

SWEET THORN SA 172 Acacia Karroo = Vachellia Karroo “Just 25mls of rain and the sweet thorn bursts into bloom” A sweet thorn acacia requires just 25 millimetres of rain

The Pompom Weed

POMPOM WEED Campuloclinium macrocephalum The pretty pink flowers you see in concentration in the grassland along the left side of the Rocklands 13th fairway and dotted in several other areas

Geological features of the Greater Woodmead Estate

GEOLOGICAL FEATURES OF THE GREATER WOODMEAD ESTATE Geological Setting The most prominent feature alongside the road leading from the entrance of the Country Club to the parking area are a

The Key to Biodiversity is Friendly Burning Last year the Environment Committee arranged for Grant Fairley from Springtime Landscaping to present a talk to members outlining the importance of introducing