An initiative

Worth Fighting For

CCJ takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. There are ongoing initiatives for water conservation, energy saving and waste recycling to reduce the club’s environmental footprint. There are safeguards in place to minimise our potential of polluting the natural environment. We monitor the latest environmental legislation and ensure the Club is legally compliant.


However, one of our key objectives is to enhance biodiversity through the protection of indigenous flora and fauna on Club property. The outcome is environmental havens at both Auckland Park and Woodmead which can be enjoyed by members and their families for generations to come.

Woodmead Estate

The Woodmead property is home to our two superb golf courses and a vast array of wildlife. The natural resources have been blended to create a harmonious balance between nature and the urban development surrounding the estate.

Auckland Park Gardens

You may have heard of the majestic gardens at Auckland Park. You may even have stood on the club’s patio and admired them from afar. But to truly appreciate them, you need to take a walk.