What influence does this have on your handicap?


On Monday 3rd September, there will be a change in the handicapping procedure which will see South Africa align themselves internationally through the World Handicap System and Slope Rating. The change will see handicaps recalculated through the new differential provided by each courses different slope and course rating. The changes in handicap calculations will be completed by the Handicap Network Africa Systems.


Slope Rating indicates the measurement of relative difficulty of a course from a scratch golfer to a high handicap. The tougher the course for a high handicapper the higher the slope rating. The slope rating is an important element in attaining a player’s course handicap. Courses can be rated from 55 (easiest) to 155(toughest). A slope rating of 113 is seen as the average or standard course rating.


The course rating measures the difficulty of a course to a scratch golfer. The tougher the course for a scratch golfer the higher the rating. It is always expressed to one decimal point.


The courses are rated on various aspects such as length, elevation changes, wind, altitude and obstacles such as bunkers, water and the difficulty of the green complexes. Two courses similar in length may be rated differently taking into consideration the following factors i.e. hazard positions and quick undulating greens.


All South African golfers will be provided with a HANDICAP INDEX on Monday, 3rd September. This handicap index (HI) will be calculated from the player best 10 differentials of his/her last 20 rounds multiplied by 96% and will be shown to one decimal point. The Handicap Network Africa (HNA) system will calculate the HI using the new slope and course rating for each course registered under each players profile. The HI is calculated using the following formula: (Adjusted Gross Score – Course Rating) x 113/Course Slope. I.E. (84 – 72.3) X 113/142 = 9.3


A player will be allocated a course handicap which is dependent on the golf course and course markers they opt to play from. Each course will offer a different slope and course rating which will affect a players course handicap.


As of Monday 3rd September, we will no longer have gender based tees such as the seniors or ladies tees. Instead we will have courses. For example, the Yellow, White, Blue and Red course. Players may elect which course they would like to play dependent on their course handicap . The yellow course being for golfers with a lower course handicap whilst the white course is for your low to medium (4 – 15) course handicap golfers. The purpose of giving players the option of choosing which course to play will improve the level of enjoyment. For club competitions, players may be required to play from a specific course.

The golf committees may elect a specific tee for both male and females to participate from during club competitions. Course handicaps will be obtained when players check-in, alternatively can be obtained from the HNA website, terminal or cell phone app. A course handicap conversion chart will also be made available for golfers.

Course handicap is calculated using the following formula: Course Handicap = Handicap Index X slope rating / 113 + (CR-Par)
I.E. 12.6(HI) x 144(Slope rating) / 113 + (72.4 – 72) = 16.45. Course Handicap is 16

Whilst registering for golf, players are to inform the check-in staff which course they have selected to play from. The staff member will then input this information into the system which will calculate each player’s course handicap. The course handicap will be printed on the green fee slip for players to view. If the golf check-in computers are offline, players may use the Handicap Network Africa (NHA) website, terminal or application to determine their course handicap. A course handicap conversion table will also be provided at the starters huts to look-up the course handicaps.


With the change from tees to courses and the implementation of the slope and course rating, the club will be releasing a new look scorecard. The scorecards will provide updated information pertaining to the course distances, course colours, slope and course rating and space for including both the handicap index and course handicap. The scorecard will provide four tee options for men (Yellow, white, blue and red) whilst the ladies will have two tee options (Blue and red). The slope and course rating will be provided per course. The new scorecards will be available from Monday 3rd September.

For more information, please contact the Golf Department on 011 202 1661/2


Bevan du Plessis
Golf Director

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