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The Country Club Johannesburg

Main Committee

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These are the people that help to make our club what it is today.

  • Eric
    Eric Mackeown Club Chairman
    Graham Beyleveld
  • Mike Fanucchi 4416 (533x800)
    Mike Fanucchi
  • Eva Noble
    Eva Noble
  • Main Committee Jack Sellschop
    Jack Sellschop
  • JEFF
    Jeff Van Rooyen
  • Corrie Verburg
    Corrie Verburg
  • 18
    Craig Finch Golf Captain
  • Main Committee Steve Nicholson
    Steve Nicholson General Manager
  • Main Committee Sue Wood
    Sue Wood Financial Manager
  • Main Committee Charmaine Klug Price
    Charmaine Klug-Price Woodmead Club Manager
  • Main Committee Jeff McKie
    Jeff McKie Auckland Park Club Manager