Roof Construction Update

Auckland Park

Roof Construction

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Through rigorous consultation, design and approved heritage submission process The Country Club Johannesburg is proud to present the design for the patio roof.

The development of the Auckland Park Patio consists of the addition of new vaulted structures serving as a canopy that covers the existing open Patio area along the northern elevation of the Clubhouse. The original clubhouse building, designed by architect George Arthur Hamilton Dickson, was opened on 22 December 1906. The current construction, designed by Director & Head Architect, Vedhant Maharaj of Rebel Base Collective, has begun.

Due to the above-mentioned construction, The Gallery and Patio dining area will be closed. However, all restaurant facilities have relocated to the Terrace Room and will be operational as per normal restaurant hours. There will be a lounge area at the far end of the Terrace Room.


The design uses a series of vaulted structures to create a shaded area over the Patio area, clerestory windows let light into the vaults and offer views to the sky and into the canopy of the oak tree to the east. The vaults are raised above the existing Art Deco balustrade. The overhang of the vaults to the south taper onto the existing upper deck and a glass façade encloses the south façade.

This façade is placed behind the balustrades in order to highlight them from the north façade. Views to the old Edwardian shingle roof area are also visible from through the vault-profiled glazing.

The structure ties into the existing art deco bollard bases which in some cases will be reconstructed to align with the original structure.

The existing Card Room is to be repurposed into a sushi and pizza area and an additional bar is to be constructed on the Patio.

Spatial Arrangement

The new Patio floor will be constructed of a cast rough polished concrete (which will replace the dated paving) and be divided by brass strips with charcoal pigmented concrete in between.

The existing front planters will be reconstructed to align with the existing structure so that we have a seamless grid between the existing and new.

A tiered wetland water garden will connect the Patio to the lawns and reflect light on the underside of the vaults. The layout will comfortably accommodate 250 seats.

Volumetric Design

A series of soft vaults with clerestory windows, which will let light in, are used to cover the Patio. The internal structure will be simple steel tube columns on a prefabricated grid of laser cut steel fins clad in sheet metal. The roof will be constructed using a combination of bent sheeting and flat welded steel plate.   The underside will be clad with acoustic panelling to create a soft surface that, in addition to the curve of the vaults, will buffer sound. The east vault will be cut away to allow for the existing grand old oak tree to enter into the roof structure. The south ends of the

vaults will protrude over the existing roof deck to create intimate meeting spaces. Additionally, the raised vault will offer views from the meeting rooms into the garden and patio below.