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CCJ Kids

As a family-orientated club, The Country Club Johannesburg works hard to provide events and activities that cater to every family member.

The young ones are encouraged to participate in a variety of sporting disciplines, as well as fun events such as the camp-outs and family fun days.

The Club Cub program is the perfect means for any young child to intergrate into Club life.

CCJ Club Cub

The age at which children can qualify for CCJ Membership is 12 years. We therefore launched an exciting sub club exclusive to children aged 4 – 11yrs called the CCJ Cubs. The objective of the CCJ Cubs programme is to give more structure and cohesion to the various activities and events on offer to this age group. The cost is R200 once off fee. When the child turns 12 they will need to apply for full membership. If the Parents end their membership the Cub’s membership will also end. Parents can register their children at either of the clubs reception desks. Their photograph will be taken for their exclusive CCJ Cub Card which will also carry their name and birthday. Please note that this Membership card cannot be pre-funded or used to run any accounts.

Cubs and Events

Enrich your life by joining The Country Club Johannesburg. The Club boasts an exciting social calendar with many events suited to families. The school holidays offer an array of sports or golf holiday programs and all children are invited to participate.

At registration, the Cubs will receive the following branded items:
A CCJ Club Cub hat | Club Cub Sunscreen | Club Cub Water Bottle
They will also be able to redeem the following per financial year 1st March – end February. Special promotions and offers will be advertised throughout the year for Cub’s.
•A free kiddies meal on their birthday
•One free Campout | One free Family Fun Day | One free squash, tennis or cricket clinic