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For those who enjoy running or walking, both Woodmead and Auckland Park feature multiple running trails within their property. Woodmead boasts two full golf courses within the property that offers a safe outdoor alternative to pounding the treadmill. Auckland Park offers a forested route making for a comfortable running adventure.

Running Club

The Running Club is the fastest growing sports division within CCJ. All are welcome to join as a social runner or a registered ASA/CGA runner for 2019. The newest sub-club within the Sports Department has received fantastic feedback from members and continues to grow daily.

Running Track


Woodmead offers a choice of either a 2km, 5km and 8km semi-trail run which winds through the two golf courses and throughout the extensive Woodmead estate.


Auckland Park
The Auckland Park route offers a 2km and 4km semi-trail run with frequent group runs to the Westcliff Stairs. Our trails are open to members all year round and are also used by Club exercise groups as part of their training regime.

Time Trials

Auckland Park – Every Tuesday
Woodmead – Every Wednesday

Summer Time – 18:00
Winter Time – 17:30
(Please bring your headlamps as the track is not lit)

Click here to view the Auckland Park Running Trail
Click here to view the Woodmead Running Trails
Click here to view the Woodmead Time Trial

Our 2019

Running Committee

  • Eva Noble
    Eva Noble
  • Clair Truter
    Clair Truter Chairperson
  • Sue Nicholson
    Sue Nicholson
  • Logan Reedy
    Logan Reddy


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Claudia Richard
(Sports Manager)