Frequently asked Questions:

Pre-funding means that a member must have a credit in their pre-funded account to transact at the Member outlets.

The Changeover to pre-funded member account was on the 1st October 2019.

The pre-funding of Members Club Accounts will enable members to enjoy a discount on standard Food and Beverage purchases in the member outlets. The discount will initially be 15% but may be subject to review. Please note that the current Food and Beverage offerings will be repriced as a result.

The discount will be applied when the chit is closed to your pre-funded account.

Your pre-funded account must contain sufficient funds to cover your intended purchase.

There is no minimum amount. As long as there are sufficient funds to make a purchase in the member outlet from the pre-funded account.

To create a 2-tier pricing structure, where members pay lower prices than guests and functions.

Simply top up your pre-funded account from your debit/ credit card. The amount can be the amount that you anticipate spending.

Hand your membership card and debit/credit card to a receptionist, F&B staff member or golf check-in attendant and inform them how much to add to your pre-funded account. Alternatively, you can use the online payment portal from your computer, kiosk or mobile phone to pay funds into your account which reflects within 2 hours. One can obviously pay funds into your account via EFT but remember this can take up to two business days to reflect in your account.

Settlement of the bill will have to be by debit/credit card and you will forego the discounted price.

No interest will be earned on credit balances.

Your pre-funded account will automatically be opened on the1 October 2019. The current purse account will be closed and any funds in the purse account will be transferred to the new pre-funded account.

It will appear on the statement under the heading “Pre-funded account”. The balance can be viewed on your pre funded account on our website in member central. Members can also make use of the members kiosk at reception to access member central. Your remaining pre-funded account balance is shown on the printed chit after a purchase has been made.

At this stage the Club will not require member functions to be pre-funded. Functions will be billed to the Club Account and must be settled 30 days from Statement.

A Club event will be booked as usual. The event will be billed on the day/night of the event on the Point of Sale, together with the bar bill. This bill will either be settled to the Member’s pre-funded account or by debit/credit card. There will be no discount on the ticket price of the event. However, the beverage bill will be discounted if settled to the pre-funded account. The Member’s pre-funded account can be topped up prior to arrival or at the event.

The “Purse” system will cease when pre-funding is Implemented, All credit balances will be transferred to the pre-funded account.

Yes, all charges can be allocated to the pre-funded account provided there are sufficient funds in the account at the time of settling the bill. If not, the pre-funded account must be topped up to make the purchase.

Yes, all golf charges such as green fees, competition fees, cart hire, buckets of balls and caddy meal vouchers can be charged to your prefunded account. There must however be sufficient funds in the prefunded account at the time of purchase if not payment must be made by debit or credit card. Note – NO DISCOUNT will apply to golf charges as members already pay a member rate.

On requesting to load pre-paid rounds or buckets of balls, Reception will send through a request to Administration to load the rounds or buckets to your profile. However, should you not have sufficient funds in your pre-funded account, you may either pay using debit/credit card, or top-up your pre-funded account. Your pre-paid rounds or buckets of balls will only be loaded once you have paid in full, either through debiting your pre-funded account or via debit/ credit card.

All sports coaching fees for clinics (eg: squash/tennis/ cricket coaching clinic) will be allocated to your pre-funded account on the day of the clinic. Sufficient funds must be available to settle the charge and no discount will apply to coaching fees.

Yes, the pre-funded account will apply to all members including country, non-resident and overseas members. However, you will not be obligated to have funds in the account at all times and are welcome to top-up the account on arrival at the Club.

The dependents pre-funded account will be linked to the Main Member’s account. When dependents make purchases using their own membership card it will be billed to the main members pre-funded account. The main member must have sufficient funds available in their pre-funded account for purchases to be made. If sufficient funds aren’t available, then the main member must top up their pre-funded account.

Yes, the Club will be increasing all of its Food and Beverage selling prices subject to review. When paying via your pre-funded member account the discount will be deducted. Thus, only members will be able to enjoy the Club’s F&B pricing and all visitors will have to pay the higher price. This will make our F&B pricing similar to our green fees where members pay less than visitors.

Just one more thing: as the membership card has changed from being essentially a credit card to a debit card, all members will be required to produce their membership card to initiate any purchase. This is to safeguard the member’s pre-funded account from having any erroneous amounts being deducted from their credit balances.

You would not be able to charge anything to your pre-funded account, but you would have two options: either request a new card at reception (which will carry a charge of R50) and use that card to charge to your pre-funded account like normal or pay for all of your transaction with a debit/credit card at the higher visitor rate. Note: should you request for a new card due to the card being lost or misplaced, the previous card will be de-activated.